Collection: Rhinestones

Designed Wright LLC is proud to now offer 3mm jelly/resin transparent rhinestones.  We look forward to offering more styles, sizes, and colors in the future so check back often to see what we add to our collection.
17 products
  • Plum Rhinestones
  • Pear Rhinestones
  • Blue Fruit Rollup Rhinestones
  • Watermelon Rhinestones
  • Strawberry Rhinestones
  • Sour Apple Rhinestones
  • Blue Raspberry Rhinestones
  • Blackberry Rhinestones
  • Lemon Rhinestones
  • Cucumber Rhinestones
  • Georgia Peach Rhinestones
  • Blueberry Rhinestones
  • Coconut Rhinestones
  • Kisses Rhinestones
  • Golden Honey Rhinestones
  • Black Licorice Rhinestones